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  • tick_markSoftware Functionality
  • tick_markDedicated Researcher
  • tick_markVirus Analysis (IA)
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Monitor and Assess your Software Applications

Aid you with better decision-making and gain visibility of your software applications.

It consumes an analyst 2-3 hours on average to perform a comprehensive software risk assessments which takes away from important security tasks. VulnApp solution addresses this by integrating and efficiently producing results in minutes.
Reduce your man hours

To boost efficiency with your security personnel, cut down on time spent on desktop requests or reviews, and quickly access your risk reports.

Streamline your operations

VulnApp eliminates deviations from your processes to enhance improved outcomes.

Catalogue & Monitor

Keep track of and get notified of any emerging vulnerabilities or exploitable threats related to your software applications.

Monitor all your software applications

  • Continual risk assessment of your software applications
  • Understand the potential risks that software applications pose to your organization
  • Assess whether an alternative is necessary considering the changing nature of the threat environment
  • Receive notifications regarding emerging threats, vulnerabilities, software version changes, enabling swift response on your part
  • Centralize the monitoring of your software applications
  • Strengthen security measures based on real-time threat insights

Use Case

The client found that their IT Security Operation team was spending excessive daily effort evaluating desktop software application approvals and monitoring their third-party software applications.

The organization sought an efficient approach to simplify the real-time management, monitoring, and risk evaluation of software application installations while maintaining peak performance for their Security Operation resources. To tackle this challenge, they partnered with VulnApp to receive support in the analysis and tracking of software application security. The result has been a remarkable improvement in the performance of their Security Operation, empowering them to prioritize crucial tasks without interrupting their IT Security team's daily operations.


VulnApp helps you improve Security Operations performance, and focus on what is important

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